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Science FAIR Information

Science Fair Ideas


Which brand of ibuprofen (or could test another type of pain reliever) dissolves the most quickly?


How well does a football helmet really protect against impact?


How does the concentration of chlorine in water affect the rate or percentage of seed germination?


What is the effect of watering schedules on the germination (or growth rate) of seeds from a certain plant?


Does the bounciness of a golf ball relate to its ability to be hit a long distance?


Does the species of wood affect the rate at which it burns? Its heat output?


Does the mass of a baseball bat relate to the distance the baseball travels?


Is the paper towel that absorbs the most water the same as the paper towel brand that absorbs the most oil?


Does coloring carbonated water change how its taste is perceived?


Do different types of carbonated sodas have different pH?


Can you tell different brands of soda pop apart based on taste?


Do some plants grow better inside than outside?


Which type of water contains the lowest amount of chlorine?


What type of insulation holds in heat the best?


Do different types of knots affect the breaking strength of a rope?


How do different flame retardants affect the flammability and burning    rate of cotton?


Which cooking method results in the least loss of vitamin C?


Does temperature affect the maximum size you can inflate a balloon?


Does the color of a crayon affect how long of a line it will write?


Does changing the temperature affect how long a pen will last?  


Does food cooked in the microwave cool at the same rate as food cooked in the oven or on the stovetop? Heat foods to the same temperature. Use a thermometer to measure the temperature at set times. Explain your results.


Does the color of a light affect how bright it appears in fog? in water?


Where is the best place to store apples? Where is the best place to store bananas? Are they the same?


Does the temperature of a magnet affect its magnetic field lines? You can trace the magnetic field lines of a magnet by putting iron filings on a sheet of paper over the magnet.


 Make ice cubes starting with different temperatures of water. Does the starting temperature of water affect how long it takes to freeze?  


Does magnetism travel through all materials? Put different materials between a magnet and metal. Do they affect how strongly the magnet is attracted to the metal? If so, do they all affect the magnetic field the same amount?


Will seeds germinate if you soak them in a liquid other than water? You can try milk, juice, vinegar, and other common household liquids. Alternatively, you could see if plants will grow if they are 'watered' with liquids other than water.


How much salt (or sugar) can a plant tolerate? Water plants with different solution of salt or sugar. How high of a concentration can the plant tolerate? A related question would be to see if plants can survive if they are watered with soapy water, like leftover dishwater.


Do white candles and colored candles burn at the same rate?


Do cut flowers last longer if you put them in warm water or in cold water? You can test how effectively flowers are drinking water by adding food coloring to it and using white cut flowers, such as carnations. Do flowers drink warm water faster, slower, or at the same rate as cold water?


Are waterproof mascaras really waterproof? Put some mascara on a sheet of paper and rinse it with water. What happens? Do 8-hour lipsticks really keep their color that long?


Do clothes take the same length of time to dry if you add a dryer sheet or fabric softener to the load?


Do frozen candles burn at the same rate as candles that were stored at room temperature? 





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